Foolproof Resources

Christmas Resources

In 2015 Foolproof partnered with Muddy Pearl and LICC to produce a set of four short films of poems from Mark Greene’s brilliant and beautiful book Adventure. The book contains 25 poems which offer a compelling invitation into the drama, wonder and mystery of the Christmas story. We filmed Mark, Fiona and Odele reading four of them, and we’d love you to watch and enjoy them, or perhaps download them for use in your church this Christmas. The book of 25 poems is a good choice of gift this Christmas, and is available to order online from Muddy Pearl.

You can view the films on the Creative Fools YouTube channel.

Scripts and Monologues

Because we produce bespoke scripts we are constantly generating new writing and have a back catalogue of scripts and monologues we’ve created. In time we plan to film some of our material and make short videos available to purchase and download. We’d also love to make our scripts available to be used by other groups and are delighted to be working with TreePress, a new online publisher of plays for schools to make scripts available in 2015.

In the meantime, if you are interested in buying some Foolproof scripts to use in your church or group, please contact us directly.

Costumes and Props

We have a store of costumes, pieces of set and props in Glasgow. If you are looking for particular items for a production, why not get in touch with us?